"New Image With Curved Drop Shadow" doesn't

This used to work so effortlessly. Today, no. I bring in a small png image captured via screenshot, and then select “New Image With Curved Drop Shadow” from the Filter menu. Acorn used to then just create a new window with the png getting a nice drop shadow. Today, nothing happens, no new window, nada. What am I doing wrong?

I confess the last time I tried this was a few months ago on my ‘at work’ Mac, now I’m trying it on my ‘at home’ Mac. Acorn version 5.6.4, MacOS 10.13.3.

Apple broke the scripting architecture in a couple of ways that Acorn 5 uses in 10.13.x. We didn’t have a good fix for it in Acorn 5, but we did get it fixed in Acorn 6 last fall.