Missing Text, most likely reason?

I have a few .acorn files that contain text layers that were fine but, now, the text is missing when I open those files in Acorn.

The text still appears in the visual preview of the file in Finder but, when opened in Acorn, it cannot be seen or selected, no matter how high I place the layers in the stack, no matter how often I toggle the visibility of the layers.

One minute everything was fine, now I’ve lost hours of painstaking work.

Is this a known issue with Acorn? Can anyone suggest a fix or some way to recover the text?

Thanks in advance!

Can you zip up and send a sample Acorn file to support@flyingmeat.com? I’d like to take a peek at it to figure out where it’s gone, and possibly make things right.

Sent, thank you so much Gus!