Missing features in the photo batch processing

Hi all!

First things first, I’ve already submit this request to Flying Meat team.

I would like to know either if theres any option or how do you do the following or similar workflow:

  1. Grab a bunch of images to process.
  2. Scale them up/down in 3 different sizes plus making them retina-friendly (2x, 3x…)
  3. Name them with the proper suffix (small, small_2x, medium, medium_2x,…)
  4. With that been done, export them to the most appropiate format and, last but not least, compressing or choosing the max weight for each image to be exported (perfect would be around 100-150KBs without having to sacrifice much quality).

Now I’m exporting them all at max quality and manually compressing them choosing the quality based on the file size with the well-known ImageOptim.

Any idea how to improve it?

Actually this proccess takes quite long and I don’t want to get messed with difficult scripts.

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