Metadata Rewrite Clarification

Can you explain the last sentence a bit?

" Changing Metadata Without Recompressing Images

Retrobatch has the ability to change EXIF, IPTC, and XMP metadata about your image without rewriting or recompressing the actual pixels that make up your image.

Format specific properties such as TIFF, PNG, and JFIF require a rewrite and recompression of your images."

I was probably staying up too late writing docs and had a hallucination or two. I’ve updated that line to say:

This feature only works for TIFF, PNG, and JPEG files. Any other image formats will require your image to be recompressed

Thanks for spotting this!

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Thank you. I’ll bet it works for .psd files as well. At least, I know that other programs can write metadata to .psd files without re-saving.

It will work for “Single layer PSD” files as well (at least, according to the documentation on the Apple APIs I’m using).