Manual or Automated Crop for Social

Thanks for Retrobatch, I’m still trying to figure out all the features.

I’m trying to figure out crops for images passed, to add a little more human interaction to the process. So if it could prompt me with the crop ratio already set, and I just have to move the photo and then it would know where to crop, that would be great.

Conversely, I’ve also seen a previous thread about having to edit the plist to get a specific crop ratio. Could the crop be updated to provide a custom ratio?

I have also thought about assigning keywords to the photos, left/center/right to do an automatic crop, as those are Retrobatch settings. so if keyword has left, then do the left crop at the defined aspect ratio and save.

I hope that all makes sense. Thanks again!

Hello! Comments inline below:

I’ll consider something like this, but it kind of breaks the model of Retrobatch so it might be a while. (Of course, if more folks ask for something similar, it’s more likely to get done).

I’ll consider this. What’s the ratio you’re trying? The “Anchor” could probably be set to what you’re after with a little math.

You would have to write a plugin to do this. If you know JavaScript, I can point you in the right direction, but it’s not something that can be whipped up without a bit of programming knowledge.


Thanks for the response! Thanks for the understanding in the delay of this reply!

I planned on having a few ratios to crop for based on social. For sake of example 1:1 and 16:9. This graphic is kind of how I envisioned it, to always take up the amount of space for the ratio in the opposite dimension.

I guess keeping it to Top, Center, Bottom won’t work, but depending on the JS method, I could make it 1,2,3 or some other custom variable. Then setting that anchor wouldn’t be too much trouble

I could handle some programming, if you could point me in the right direction, that would be great!

As I was thinking about this a bit more - I realized you could do it with RB today, without a plugin:

You have a folder with images in it, and then the top rule looks for “File Name” “contains” “_left”, and then the crop right after that does a 1x1 aspect ratio pined to the left and writes it out to the folder. And so on.

I’ve attached the workflow for you to try out:

left_center_right.retrobatch (12.4 KB)

RULES! I didn’t know this existed! :magic_wand: This may be what I need, thank you for throwing this together.

The rules may benefit from being able to search some of the image data, or at least match to some of the values, to do this without filenames… Wonder if that’s a lessened strain on the RB roadmap?

Thanks again!

That’s an interesting idea.

Do you have an example for something that you’d be looking for in the metadata?

Definitely keyword based searches, I could add left, center, right in there, or something more weird that I’d filter out later #right-dont-save or something for example. Would be interesting to see some more filters based on camera specific items from photos. I think orientation, keywords, and file type are the big ones for me that I know I’d use immediately.

Some thoughts:
Orientation, or square
Heic or not- to avoid recompression (see also file type)
Camera shot with
Primary color or overall brightness if it was reduced down to a pixel from 0-1
Keyword matching or not containing
Year taken
GPS country/state/providence/etc
Missing GPS
Contains based on picture matching, like a contains a dog, people, faces, etc

Stuff I can do on my own:

Season based on time of year taken, per hemisphere
Morning, afternoon, evening, night based on photo time.