Make the Text tool to select text when clicking on a text


Right now, when you click with the Text tool on a text, the text tool always creates a new text layer.

Is it possible to make the Text tool select the text, if there is text under the cursor?

Thank you.

Hello @nenad.

It sounds like you have the option “Always make new layers for text boxes” turned on in the Advanced preferences. If you turn that off, then Acorn will behave the way you want.

Alternatively, you can press the command key down while the text tool is active, and it’ll temporarily change into the move tool. You can then use this to double click on your text box to begin editing it.

Another quick workaround is if you do only have a single text box on a layer, you can select all (cmd-a) and press enter to begin editing it.

I’ll see about making it behave the way you want in a future release. Though, that preference would kind of get in the way of it.

Thanks, I disabled that option and now it is good.