Make checkerboard transparent?

How do I do the above?

Hello @reefcomber, and welcome.

Can you explain a little more what you’re after? Do you mean the checkerboard filter, or the background of the canvas where it shows transparency in an image?

I did an oval shaped crop of my daughters face. I want to superimpose that on a picture of a dollar bill for rewards that she can earn for doing good things, chores, what not. However, when I superimpose the cropped picture, on top of a picture of a dollar bill, the edges of the photo still show up. I would like to make the edges of the photo transparent, so that when I superimpose the picture onto a picture of the dollar bill, her face will appear in lieu of Washington’s face.

Without seeing exactly what’s going on, I can only offer a couple of suggestions (or if you can upload a sample, I can give more concrete ideas).

When you paste your cropped photo over the dollar bill, you can then use the select tool (rectangular most likely) to grab the areas that shouldn’t be there, and then press the delete key. Or you can use an eraser.

Let me know if those ideas don’t work for some reason.