Leverage open for batch processing?!

Do you know if the open command line tool or drag-n-drop of a set of icons onto the app icon are all processed as a single batch via AppKit?

If so, then a viable flow would be to drop a Retrobatch flow + a bunch of images…?

There’s two approaches I’m thinking of doing with drag and drop:

  1. Droplet support. So there’d be a little app which embeds (or references somehow) a Retrobatch document which does what you’re looking for- similar to AppleScript droplets.

  2. Adding some sort of “default” workflow which you would setup in prefs, or maybe if only one document is open, that Retrobatch uses to process when images are dropped onto the app / passed via open.

  3. Bonus option and slightly related- I also want to make command line tool that’ll take a workflow as an argument, as well as a list of images to be processed.

And of course, adding Automator support- which now that I think about it would easily get the droplet + command line tool things done sooner rather than later.

Mark Alldritt (of Script Debugger fame: https://latenightsw.com ) made a droplet which references an RB document (embedded in the Resources folder of that app): https://flyingmeat.com/retrobatch/stuff/RetrobatchDroplet.zip

You can open that droplet up in Script Debugger and rewrite it if you need something today.