Layers and animated GIFs

I am using Acorn to make animated GIFs. I have a base bitmap layer and want to show objects moving across the base using a sequence of shape layers.

To export to animated GIF I need to duplicate the base for every frame and merge the shape on to the duplicate. This makes the exported GIF very big: with 30 frames produces a 4.4MB file (I show them at 5 FPS).

Is there a way to create a GIF without duplicating the entire bitmap for every frame?

I am using Acorn 7.1.2 on macOS 11.6.2 (Intel)

Hello, and welcome.

I’m sorry to say that there’s no way to make the GIF without having so many layers. I think what you’re after is animating software which includes keyframes, so the animations will happen without so much work. (I don’t have any to recommend either, since that’s not really something I’ve dabbled in).


Hey Gus

Thanks for your reply. I suspected we would have the limitations you mentioned.

I am creating explanatory material for use in a corporate context with the tools I already have (i.e. Acorn). What I have been able to do so far has been sufficient.