Launching Workflows from Automator


I’m trying to create a Quick Action that removes the shadows from Screenshots. I use this Workflow which works well from within Retrobatch.

Screenshot shadow remover.retrobatch (7.1 KB)

When I call this Workflow from Automator the output image is nearly the same as the input image without removing the transparent shadows. In my case I take Screenshots as PSD files and the Quick Action only converts the file to PNG.

I made a Quick Action in Automator using your workflow, and it ran OK for me against a screenshot of a window, saved as a PSD.

If you run your PSD file against the workflow (not as a Quick Action- just in Retrobatch), does the problem still occur? And if yes, can you send me the PSD file?

Hi Gus,

thanks for you help. I can’t upload a PSD file here, but it also happens with with PNG files. Try this one:

When I drop it onto a Automator Droplet with this Action …


… I’ll get this result:

When I drop the file into directly into Retrobatch-Workflow, I get this result and that’s what I want:

It doesn’t matter if I run macOS 10.13 or macOS 10.14.

OK, I found the bug, and it’s now fixed in the latest builds:

Try it out, and let me know how it works for you.

(And thanks for reporting it- this was an interesting one :slight_smile: )


wow, you’re fast. It works well and the new version seems to be much faster on my old iMac. :smiley: