Kuwahara blur tool

I use Kuwahara tool for enlargements, on another application.
Can this tool be added please ?

For reference:

It could be added as a plugin.

Yes, when I first started using it, I also found this info on Wikipedia.
To have it as a Plugin would be really Great!
It is very good for enlargements. I’m using it on another application.
There is an application for enlargements called BiggerPicture, which is using a very similar algorithm. It is like Kuwahara, but much more smoother. BiggerPicture is in Appstore, or on their website biggerpicture.com if I’m not mistaken. It’s not free, there is a trial. It’s excellent.

This looks interesting, and I’ll consider it.

If you can get it as a shell tool, you can modify one of the existing plugins and add it to Retrobatch that way. I’m thinking specifically of the “Convert to WebP” plugin here: https://flyingmeat.com/retrobatch/jsplugin/