Jpeg to heic conversion in apple photos

I can do simple stuff, but am bamboozled by trying to convert existing albums of jpegs to heic in photos.

Ideally the workflow would read in jpegs from an album and write back heic to the same album.

I can’t get that to work! (please be gentle)

As a half way stage I can read the jpegs and create a folder of heic (which seem to retain the metadata). But when I reimport this bunch of heic to Photos, it reports them as jpegs!

I suspect there is some weird stuff around photos. Anyone have any wisdom to share?

If this is a runner, then workflow might be further automated, but simple things first!)

In your write node, make sure the option “Read back encoded image” is enabled. This will tell Retrobatch to forget that the image was a JPEG file, and instead say “hey, you’re a HEIC image now”.

There is a problem though if you’re using the App Store version - Retrobatch isn’t able to read back in the image for some weird reason. I’m looking into why that is.

At any rate; if you enable that option do things work as expected?

And actually - I found a bug in the process as well for cases where you aren’t modifying the image. But I’ve got it fixed just now in the latest builds: Latest Builds from Flying Meat

So grab that, enable the “Read back encoded image” option, and you should be good to go. And of course - let me know if not!

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve made some progress with this now. Ran aground on jpeg+raw handling in photos, but so does everyone else, apparently. Not by any means an expert, but enjoying Retrobatch.

And is a “Write Back Photos” node at the end needed then?

Yes, you’ll need this after the Write node.