Join Bezier Anchor Points?

How do I join two anchor points of two different bezier lines? I am drawing a scalloped line, series of half circles with crisp v shapes. If I draw a continuous line, I can’t make the sharp part, if I draw multiple 1/2 circles I can get them to join.

New to Acorn, sorry if this is basic question. Thanks.

Hello, and welcome to the forum.

This is a good question- and one I don’t have a great answer to.

There’s no way to join two anchor points directly. However, you can overlap the shapes, make sure both are selected, and use the Shape ▸ Union Paths menu item. This might now work in your situation, but it’s worth a shot.

I’ll consider adding this feature in a future release. I guess one way to do it is to being extending one path, and then when you hover over an endpoint of another path, you’d be given the option to join them? Is that how you see it happening, or did you have any other ideas?


Thank you Gus, I’ll circle back and try the ideas you suggest. I think I tried Union Paths menu and it not working, but I am not sure exactly.

I have a basic knowledge of A. Illustrator but from years ago. I have that weird muscle/keyboard memory of how that worked and I get mentally stuck on looking for an old solution. I am slowly discovering all the newer things that all these programs can do now.

For my project, I realized that your shapes menu has a Star and lots of variables!! I was able to create my “circle with scalloped edges” so much easier than drawing it by hand the “old way.” I am also finding that I can get around some of my Bezeir confusion with Boolean function that combindes two shapes.

I was also struggling with modifying fonts. I can convert to Bezeir lines, but the has having trouble adding points, controlling the corner shapes, and basic Bezeir stuff. I recall not being a wiz at that in other programs as well! Lots to learn.

Thank you for your time - Julie