Issue with multiple text sizes

Let me apologise in advance for all the screenshots.

I have some text in 72 point Garage Gothic Bold. I want to make a faux superscript so I change the text size of the letters ‘TH’ to 36 and set the baseline to 25. It looks good so far

If I deselect the text object by clicking onto something else on the image the ‘TH’ drops

If I then hit Cmd Z to undo the text reverts back to the proper positioning that it had when I had the text selected

Here are the text settings for the faux superscript

I’ve been trying to reproduce this without any luck. Two questions (for now):

  1. What version of Acorn are you using?
  2. Does the problem happen with any other font?

And for extra credit: what version of MacOS?

Acorn Version 7.2.1b1 (16112)
I have not tried it with any other font. I can try that. As you may recall I have been having font issues on my machine.
MacOS 12.6

I can send the font if that helps. It is not the Adobe version

Yea, I’d like to check out the font if you can send it to