Is there a way to copy a filter or apply it to multiple layers

I am trying to edit an .ico file (favicon) and I’ve figured out many ways to change the colors, but I’m curious if there is a way for me to either copy the filter to other layers or perhaps have a layer that passes down this filter to everything? I’ve tried to look around, but I’m not quite sure what to look for. Thanks!

I think I found the answer. You put everything in a group and apply the filter to the group.

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Now I’m seeing that I may not be able to just change the color of an .ico file and then use it again. I just ended up outputting a png and using that as my favicon.

I’m glad you figured out the Group trick, I was going to suggest that.

I should also mention that you can copy and paste the filters for a layer, it’s an option under the cog button at the top of the filters list.

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Thanks, I was just looking for copy fx!