Is there a default preference (maybe hidden) for open/save dialog boxes in Acorn

I searched but cannot find it. If it exists I would love to know where it is at, and if not it would be a pretty good feature request.


What would you want the preference to do? Point to a specific directory?


It would be the default for when I go to an open/save dialog box.

I keep all my “working” files in downloads. Old habit.

My use was is this.

I need to scan a receipt, modify the size of the file (cannot be bigger than 2 Meg) and then attach it to Flex Benefits claim. If I get ambitious I really should automate this, so when the document scans, say into a specific folder, I have and action on that folder to change the size of the graphics file and change format and what not.

Back to the use case.

I open the file from Downloads in Acorn. Change file type if necessary and save making sure it is less than 2 Meg.

Acorn seems to save always in my documents folder. Probably this is good for most people. But MY working folder is my downloads folder. And I want the ability to select what the default folder is.

I think I have seen this in many apps.

What do you think?

If you’re opening a file from the Downloads folder, then Acorn should also be defaulting to that for a save. How are you saving the image? Is it an export, or are you saving for web, or something else?

As for as automating it- you might also check out Retrobatch:


There is a shareware app which enhances open and save dialogs system wide (specifying default locations is only one of the things it does). It has been around for a long time - well tried and tested. In the 1990s it ran as a control panel on the classic mac system, called amazingly, “Default Folder”. With the advent of OS X, it transitioned to a background app, now called “Default folder X”.
You can learn more and download a free 30 day trial here:

Gus and Allesklar,

Retrobatch looks awesome. Bookmarked it and will check it out.

I usually use Export, but sometimes I just save and change some settings.

I think getting Default Folder X and retrobatch is the way to go.

I had a license for DFolder some years ago, I think I let it lapse.

Excellent advice, thanks to both of you