Input items folder for AppleScript

I’m experimenting with AppleScript which works nicely. However, the input items also goes recursively through all folders in the input items. Which is a bit annoying because I wanted to use a folder next to the input items as result.

Is this on purpose or a bug? If on purpose, then I’d like to request an option not go recursively through the input items.

There is no way to turn off the default recursive-ness of adding a folder via AppleScript (I’ll consider that a feature request though).

However, you can add individual files to the AppleScript command, and not just folders. So if you can make a list of the top level items in your folder, and send those along instead of the folder, then Retrobatch will do what you’re after.

Here’s a little technical insight into what’s going on inside RB if you or anyone else is curious:

When the AppleScript command is sent, RB gathers up all the items set to it and loops through each one to see if it’s an image file or a folder.

If it’s an image, then it’s added to a special list that is then turned into a virtual “Read Individual Files” node which is prepended to the workflow graph.

If it’s a folder, then for each folder RB encounters a virtual “Read Folder” node is created and prepended to the graph.

Then it all executes and the original workflow stays as it is.

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Thanks for the information. Then I’ll use the individual files instead for now.