Inconsistent measures?

I am setting up some to guides to use as faux margins.

The guide setup box asks for the guide location in pixels.
As I move a guide it indicates the guide location in cm.
And of course dpi is not helpful in the moment.

  • It would be helpful to use the same measurement in both cases or to be able to choose which measurement to use.
  • When moving a guide sometimes I’d just like to enter a new location, rather than move it around. I’d create a new guide but the inconsistency between the two measures becomes a problem.

In this particular case I would really like to choose Duplicate Guide, or better still Mirror Guide: if I have a guide set at 1.5cm, mirroring would place the new guide at the (document width - 1.5cm).

thank you,

Anita Graham

That’s a bug and I’ve opened up an issue to get it done- thanks for spotting it.

I like the mirror guide idea! I’ll see what I can do about that. As far as duplicating a guide, did you know you can option click on one with the Move tool, and drag it away to duplicate it? You an also click down on a ruler and drag out a guide from there if you have the rulers up.

Thank you - there were options there I didn’t know I had.

When I was trying to print my document there was another problem related to the px and cm problem above.

My document was specified at 300dpi. It ended up being much bigger than I expected.
Eventually I tracked it down to it having a density of 722dpi. Fixed and printed now, btw.

Checked by creating a new document measured in cm and I now see that it has a density of 118 px/cm.
With the original document I would have automatically “corrected” the 118 to 300 without reading the label.

I’m not aware that pixels per cm or dots per cm is ever used, so I suggest that printing density should always be specified as dots per inch.

Finally, and this is a trivial request to be ignored if not convenient, but I would like to have mm in addition to cm as a measurement.

I looked around when I was implementing it, but I’m more agreeable with you these days.

I’ll see what I can do.

In the upcoming release of Acorn 6.5, we’ve added a dropdown to have the density / resolution to be either in inches or cm. You can grab a preview of that build from here:

Try it out and let us know what you think!