Hue Adjust is rather hard to use, being so small

I use the Hue Adjust a lot, but it’s very difficult to use. The tiny disc with a dot in it, may be okay for young eyes, but… If it was bigger (the bigger the better in fact) it would be so much easier to make the fine adjustment, to get just the desired colour.

Maybe it would work better if it was a sliding bar, something like a scroll bar. Actually it would be fantastic if it showed the whole colour spectrum, and one could just slide the button to the required hue. :smiley:

I’d like a better hue adjust widget as well, so I’ll see what I can do in a future release.

One neat thing about this control though - you can move your mouse farther away from the center of it, and get much finer adjustments by virtue of having a larger (imaginary) circle to work with. You can try that out in the meantime.

Thanks Gus, I did discover I could operate it by ‘remote control’, but it still seems clunky to me. Maybe it’s more a psychological thing.

Some years ago, while doing a lot of hobby stuff in SuperCard, I created a colour adjust facility, which was simply a line of little discs, each slightly different in hue to it’s neighbour. I could change the colour of an icon by simply choosing and clicking one of the discs.

I’m sure, with your genius, you could create a ‘click bar’ showing the whole range of hues varying gradually from one end of the spectrum to the other. :smile:

Sadly though, I’m stuck in a time warp - using OS Sierra! I’m never sure which of your later iterations of Acorn are compatible with this ancient version, so I tend to avoid any Acorn upgrades.

The Legacy page has a list of older Acorn versions with the compatibilities:

The main page for Acorn (7) says 10.14 (Mojave) and later:

Thanks Gus, I seem to remember you helped me get the most up to date Acorn for my OS at some time in the past, though I can’t remember offhand exactly when that was.

I guess what I was really wondering about (and you may have answered this for me in the past, too), is whether you ever produce a fresh Acorn that is backwardly compatible. But I suppose it would be a lot to ask, considering how much work you take on as it is.

I do this, but up to a point. For instance, Acorn 6 is officially compatible across six different OS releases. And it’ll unofficially run on more depending on what you’re up to and what hardware you’re running (looking at server stats, folks are running it across 9 different major versions of MacOS).

But at some point I need to break compatibility with old OS releases since the tools to build for those old versions of MacOS become increasingly fragile, it’s way harder on myself to add new features and improvements, and … well most folks run the most recent versions of MacOS anyway. Looking at statistics again, well over 50% of people are running MacOS 14 already, and the number running MacOS 10.14 is vanishingly small.

I get it. I understand, and appreciate the efforts you make to keep Acorn as compatible with older OS’s as possible. But I guess, when you say “I’ll introduce that” or “I’ll change that, in the next version,” I’ll have to assume it won’t necessarily be compatible with my OS Sierra (OS 10.12).

So be it. I can’t expect progress to slow down just for me. :grin: