HSL/HSV/HSB Color Picker

Is there a way to use a HSL or HSV color picker in Acorn?

I really like using HSL/HSV color, I find it way more intuitive than RGB. The color wheel selector can achieve a similar result, but it is much less precise.

If there isn’t a way to switch the color picker mode, I’d really like to see it added!

I think previously I was able to get this result by using a system color picker. Is there a way to bring it up?

Ah, just found the option to use the system color picker.

Would still be nice to see this as a feature in the built-in picker, it’s just a better way to adjust and select colors in most cases, IMHO.

I’m glad you found that preference (also, command-clicking a color wheel will bring up the Acorn color picker if you’ve got that set, or the system color panel if you don’t have it set).

I’ll see about adding HSV in a future release - I want it as well!


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