How to keep original creation date?


when writing files I like to keep the original file’s “date created” & “date modified”.
(i.e. XnView has a checkbox for that.)
Is there a workaround in Retrobatch?


Hello @Bomboclaat, welcome!

So are you referring to the create and modified dates that show up in the Finder, or are you talking about the image metadata tags that are part of the image? The metadata tags should be preserved through processing (unless you add a node to remove them).

I’m referring to the dates that show up in the Finder (file createModify date), not the EXIF metadata.
For organizing photos within the Finder folder structure I need to preserve the original file dates.

OK, thanks for the explanation. There’s currently no way to do this, but I can see about adding it in an update, or at least via a quick JS plugin.

Actually, this was pretty easy to put together in a JS plugin. If you visit the page and download the “Set Original Create and Modified Dates” plugin, install it, restart Retrobatch, and then place the new node after the write node, you should get what you’re after.

It’s only been tested on my computer, so YMMV. But let me know how it works out for you!

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That works perfect! That plugin adds an important feature!