How to correctly edit a Line Shape?

I’m confused by the Line Shape tool. I can easily click-drag-release to create a line, but I’m unable to edit the line as I expect. For example, I’m working in a very large image, and I need to zoom out to find two points to connect. If I click-drag-click, I end up with a line that is close to correct, but the endpoints need to be nudged a bit. Given that a line is a vector object this seems simple, and after drawing a line I see a drag handle at each end. While the line tool is active, clicking just starts a new line, so I switch to the Move tool. As soon as I do, the line’s 2 drag handles appear to become 4, as though the line is just a very narrow Rectangle Shape. If I hover near an end of the line, the mouse pointer changes to a line-with-perpendicular-arrow pointing in the direction of the line, suggesting that I can change the length of the line. However, if I do so, the width also changes, which I do not want. Alternatively, if I am very careful, I can sometimes hover over one of the 4 drag handles, which allow me to stretch the line, but if I deviate from the line too much it starts to get thicker, or even suddenly rotate to a diagonal of the original line?!

What’d I’d like is a line between two points, and the ability to independently drag each of those points around until I have the positioned correctly, and I’d like the stroke of the line to remain constant while I move the end points. How can I accomplish this?

It sounds like you’ve maybe got fill turned on for the shape? That would explain why it looks thicker when you move things around a bit. The stroke shouldn’t be changing at all… unless you are reshaping the whole shape with the bounding box (which might also be what you’re doing).

What you want to use is the “Bezier Anchor Select” (shortcut key ‘a’) to select the anchors of the line, and also change the control points. With that tool you’ll be able to reposition the endpoints of your lines to exactly what you’d like.

Try that out, and let us know how it works.

What you want to use is the “Bezier Anchor Select”

Exactly right. Thank you, this is just what I was looking for.