How to change perspective in text (not objects)

I want to add text to a blank computer screen in a photo. The screen is at at slight angle, so I want to be able to simply type the text in, and then select it and alter the perspective. How do I do this? Fairly new to using acorn. Thanks!

Hello, and welcome!

To do this, you’ll have to use the Layer ▸ Rasterize Shape Layer menu item on your text layer. This will convert the layer from vectors to a bitmap. Then once that is done, you can use the Layer ▸ Rotate and Transform ▸ Perspective Transform menu item to change the perspective.

I should note, that once you rasterize a shape layer, then you won’t be able to exit the text.


Worked like a charm! Thanks for the advice! One other thing I’ve been trying to do but can’t get to work. I want to draw a trapezoid using the multi side shape tool. Once I anchor the final point, I haven’t figured out how to essentially “lift my pen off the paper” because it still wants to continue to add additional points. How do I leave the shape alone in the middle of layer? And once I do that, what’s the easiest way to “pour paint” into the shape and fill it up? Thanks in advance for your help!

There’s a couple of ways to end making a path.

  1. Click on the starting anchor point. This will then close your path.
  2. Press the escape key to finish. This will keep your path open.
  3. Press the enter key. This will also close your path.

Then you can use the shape palette to change the color of the fill and stroke.


thanks once again for the helpful advice. I will put this to good use.


Sorry to bother you again, but I’ve found one more issue that I can’t figure out. I want to copy/paste some text from a word document into an Acorn layer on a plain background. Every time I copy/paste the text, the length of the lines come out wrong. They are shortened and wrap to the next line. I’ve tried changing the font, the font size, and the size of the text box that I’m pasting the text into, but no matter what the lines wrap where I don’t want them to do. Is there some trick to pasting text into the text box in an acorn image? Thanks in advance if you can help!

It sounds like there’s a bunch of newlines in the text box? You could delete those (or do it in something like TextEdit first), and then paste it into Acorn.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the question though. And if I am, can you explain a little more with some examples?