How do I remove a color cast?

I shot outside using the “Incandescent” setting; can “Remove color cast” fix the blue look? I am new to Acorn; not very accomplished in any other photo editor program either, but the tutorial section mentions “Remove Color cast” and specifically says good to remove the extra yellow caused by shooting inside without choosing the “incandescent” setting. I think I’m kind of screwed here, but I got some great pictures of a hummingbird if I can get the color to not look so blue.

As detailed as possible an answer would be really appreciated. I’m thinking I need to try to batch process all 75 pictures, with each one being about 20 mb.

Thanks in advance!


Here is a link to a tutorial on the topic:

Let us know if you have further questions.


I never got it fixed. The “color cast” tutorial video has a color choice available from a color wheel, but it isn’t necessarily the color needing to be replaced. When I checked with the developer of another image editor that I use, Graphic Converter, he said there really wasn’t a fix. I sure would have thought that there would be, but perhaps it all much more complicated than I realize. Good luck!

Have you tried using curves?

You can select the blue channel and pull the curve downwards to decrease the blue. We can also provide more specific feedback if you send a sample image to