How do I disable the snap to the edge on the crop tool?

I’m hoping this isn’t obvious and I’ve just missed it, but if I have - I’ll happily take the feedback to the docs/tutorials/etc - where-ever to look:

I’ve got an image that grabbed with the screenshot tool on macOS, only I didn’t select it perfectly and there’s a line of pixels down the left side of the otherwise beautifully white space. Unfortunately, it was also a tight grab around the core image - so tight that when I try to use the crop tool with Acorn, it’s jumping as I get to the edge - otherwise I’m cropping some of the image I’m trying to preserve.

Is there a way (key combination or a preference or something) where I can disable that snap-to-edge functionality so I can crop just the line of pixels? Or a technique to get in there to where I can wipe out that little bit of extraneous screen grab?


  • joe

Hello Joe,

Yep - you can turn it off per document under the View > Guides and Grids, or for all newly opened images via the Guides prefs (we detail it in the docs: Acorn: Rulers, Grids, and Guides )

You can also toggle the snapping behavior by holding down the control key after you’ve begun dragging the crop (this also works for other tools like selections, shapes, etc).


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