HDR: Possible to do it in Acorn?

(I’m a new Acorn user, so apologies in advance for what might be a dumb question.)

I don’t find “HDR” in Acorn’s documentation, so I’m wondering if there might be a way to do basic HDR processing using Acorn’s tools? For example, if I have 3 RAW static landscape-type photos (taken with camera locked-down on tripod), one slightly underexposed, one “normal” exposure, and one slightly over-exposed, can I use Acorn to combine them to yield a high dynamic range image? Comments & suggestions appreciated.

EDIT: Ah, I found the “HDR Effect” tutorial on the Acorn docs page. It uses 1 image duplicated to multiple layers. Hmm … now I’m wondering how/if a similar procedure can be done using 3 differently-exposed images such as I describe above?

There’s no built in way to do this, but maybe if you posted some samples we might be able to figure out how to do it via blend modes?

Thanks for your reply. Blend modes might work. The question is how to make transparency based on luminance in Acorn? (“Luminance to alpha”) Example: Take 3 bracketed exposure photos (with camera on locked tripod) of a static daylight landscape scene. Make each a layer in Acorn. Make the “bright” pixels in the over-exposed photo transparent. Make the “dark” pixels in the under-exposed photo transparent. Make all but the medium-luminance pixels in the “middle” exposure photo transparent. Result should be a composite with wide dynamic range.

Luminance to Alpha would be a super cool feature! But sadly, it’s not something that’s built in today. I’ll add it to the todo list, because it could be kind of neat.