Hand-drawn look

Is it possible to create drawings with a hand-drawn look? I want to create mockups and design ideas, and a hand-drawn look (like with a drawing pencil) is desired.

The Line Overlay filter might be what you’re after. But we don’t have anything dedicated to a sketchy look.

thanks. If you ever decide to implement a sketchy-look, Acorn might become the only program that offers that feature. Something worth considering

There are a couple of filter combinations you can try, but results can be variable depending on the image:


hi, thanks for this very helpful link to the docs. It is very helpful to learn how to use the filters. That said, I believe the intent of my original post may be misunderstood. I don’t want to turn images into sketchy drawings. I want to be able to make real, vector drawings where the stroke is sketchy. Ideally I would like to be able to construct entire mockups or flow-charts or wireframes using the vector tools and a sketchy stroke, and be able to adjust all the parameters of the stroke (width, color, end-caps, hops, and even the amount of sketchiness or jitter – think how drunk I am while drawing) using a simple slider or other interface. The look of the strokes would be something like https://timqian.com/chart.xkcd/ except for real illustrations. And, of course, the drawing should be exportable to SVG and other standard output formats. Hope this clarifies what I was seeking, even if it may not be currently possible.

Thanks for the clarification-- it really helps us to understand what you’re after.