Generate all possible combinations from two image folders?

Hi there, I’m wondering whether Retrobatch Pro can do something I need to accomplish…

I have two folders of images, all the same pixel dimensions. Those two folders are basically foreground icons and background fills. I need to automate the creation of every possible combination of a foreground icon layers atop each background fill.

Is this possible with Retrobatch Pro?

This isn’t possible. Retrobatch would need some sort of looping node (+patches of some sort?), which it currently doesn’t have.

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any recommendations for software that may be able to do this?

I don’t really.

Well, I might have one idea if you know JavaScript. You could probably do something as a JavaScript plugin in Retrobatch. You would have to hard code paths, but … I guess it’s doable that way.

Thanks @ccgus I do know a little JS but I’m looking for a long-term solution. Thanks for confirming!