Fixed aspect ratio selection (or crop)

Acorn is great! A small feature request, however: the ability to specify a fixed aspect ratio in the rectangular selection inspector. I could imagine this either as a single ratio field or as separate width and height fields which it then computes a ratio on.

Fixed size would also be cool, but I think you know that considering you made an almost–2-minute video with a workaround.


Thank you for the selection feature request! We will consider this for future builds of Acorn.

With regards to cropping, if you hold down the shift key when you are adjusting the size of your crop Acorn will maintain the aspect ratio. If that’s not what you’re looking for, let us know.


Thanks! In terms of shift-resizing the crop bounds, that maintains the aspect ratio of the current crop bounds, but doesn’t let you numerically specify a ratio, so it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

What I’m looking for is right along the lines of the crop presets, but with the added ability to type custom dimensions/ratio.

For context, if I have an image I want to use as a desktop or iOS background image, I want to be able to specify 8 × 5 for MBP or 640 × 1136 (ratio, not fixed size) for iOS.

Try following these steps:

-draw a quick crop on the canvas
-go to the inspector palette and enter the 640 x 1136 into the width and height fields
-click on ‘Save as preset’ button in the inspector
-check the box for ‘keep aspect ratio’ in the window that pops up, and name your preset
-your new preset will be present at the bottom of the preset drop down menu
-when you click on your preset, it will place the crop on your canvas and you can resize it by dragging on a corner and the aspect ratio will be maintained.

Does that meet your needs?

Yes! That works great for cropping. Selections would be convenient, too, but that’s good for now. Thanks!