File number token with leading zeros

Maybe this is possible and I’ve just not found it. I love the ability to generate the filename from specific content, but would it be possible to vary the “File Number” token (or have another token) that will add the requisite preceding zeros depending on the number of files generated? For example:

  • 01, 02, … or
  • 001, 002, … 011, 012, …

Many thanks, also for your continual improvement of Retrobatch. It really is incredibly useful!

That’s a good idea, and something I was actually just wanting myself the other day.

I’ll add it to the feature list.


Hello, this is the only thing that retrobatch doesn’t do for me and would love to be able to buy and use this app. Is this update going to come in the near future?

Hello Stoo31,

I don’t have a timeline yet as to when this will be added- but it’s still something that I really want to do myself.

Actually, I’ve just added this ability to Retrobatch for the next update (1.3.2), which you can grab here:

Here’s what I wrote in the release notes:

File numbers with leading zeros in the Write node tokens. We’ve not yet added a UI for this, but you can add (and it’s case sensitive) FileNumber04 in the File name: field of the Write node to have the file number of your image written out as part of the name, with a padding of up to 4 zeros. If you’d like to pad that number to 6, you would enter FileNumber06, and so on. Negative values won’t work! And asking for values over 100 is asking for trouble, since MacOS will be angry with you and not allow it.

It’s easy enough to some things like this, it’s always the UI that takes time. So, I’ll get to that when I get a chance- but the basic feature is there, and if you have feedback please let me know!