Features request - arrows, type layers, Inspector

Great job with Acorn — it just keeps getting better!

I find myself marking up screenshots regularly, and often revert to my older version of Bloatoshop, because:

  1. I don’t like the (to me) goofy “Skitch” arrows, which can only be streamlined correctly when perfectly horizontal or vertical. I would love to see Acorn have arrows as a function of the line tool;
  2. Editing a text layer: when I go back to a text layer, Acorn requires me to select the text box with the Move tool. In Acorn, using the more intuitive (PS) approach of using the Text tool to get back into the text box instead creates a new unwanted layer.

  1. I would like to see a keyboard shortcut for opening, and check box for closing, the Inspector. I have a decent size screen, but it still gets in the way, and having to go back to the Window menu to temporarily close it is clunky.
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We’ll consider this. What do you mean by streamlined though? What could be better about them?

If you click on the text box with the text tool, it should begin editing the new text. You’re saying that’s not happening for you?



Oh hey I missed this one.
Right now, you can use the tab key to open and close all the inspectors, but there isn’t one for closing a specific one (I assume that’s what you’re after?). I’ll consider it a feature request at any rate.


Thanks for your response.

Sorry, I should have worded it better. If you want top make an arrow narrower, it will become distorted in any direction other than horizontal and vertical after converting to Bézier and selecting with the Move tool.

With the text, I refer to editing existing text on the active layer. The (intuitive) text tool creates a new text box on a new layer instead of selecting the existing text.

Good tip; I didn’t realize that. That existing feature is in fact better for de-cluttering. It would still be nice to have a keyboard shortcut for opening the inspector.

A shortcut for Filter > Color Adjustment > Color Controls… would also be nice. I use that often with photos.

OK, I think I know what’s going on with the text box editing. I bet you’ve got the pref “Always make new layers for text boxes” enabled, right? I’ll have to check for this pref when clicking on an existing text box to make things work.

Yes, that’s it! Preferences > Fussy Stuff > Super Fussy. Well hidden. I would suggest putting this option with “Auto select layers” in Preferences > Advanced.

Just checking out FlySketch. Sweet little app! It has the markup arrows I want.