Feature suggestion: Write images relative to Input Folder

It would be amazing to have an option or maybe a dedicated node that allows the write action to use the input folder or path of an input image as source of where to write the output to.

I commonly have the setting where I pass an image and have dedicated folders for the output. Like

  • original - foo.png
  • preview - foo.png
  • thumb - foo.png

Or is there a way to do that already?


The latest betas ( http://flyingmeat.com/download/latest/#retrobatch ) have an option in the write node to write back to the original images. Is that what you’re after? There’s still some bugs with it though, as described in this post: "Write back to original images" bugs

I’m still working on getting those fixed- shouldn’t be too long till that’s done though.


Unfortunately not. That was just overwriting the original image (as the name states).
I also have to specify a folder. Why? Writing back to original image(s) should not need that as the app already knows where the original image is located.

The problem with needing a folder was a bug as mentioned in the previous post. The latest beta has it fixed however (you can grab it using the link above).

Can you explain in a little more detail what you’re after then? You want the image to write back to the original folder, but it would have a different name because you don’t want it to overwrite the original image?

And do you have multiple folders as inputs in this case? Or is it just one?

Please see the attached image 44

I would place the original image inside the folder “e2-junioren”. The name would for example be e2-junioren-2019.jpg

Then I want Retrobatch to write scaled images into the folders (inside the original it should not be scaled)

  • bigs
  • original
  • preview

The name should remain the same as the input was.
It should also delete the input file once it’s done - if possible.

I just don’t get it to work.

I attached the workflow I built for it.


mannschaftsbilder.retrobatch (12.8 KB)

So your e2-junioren folder (and other folders I presume) will only ever have a single image? Are you writing this as a droplet, or does the folder above e2-junioren have similar folders under it?

I can get partway there- but what you’re after might be easier with a new token in the write node that essentially works as “original location” or “parent folder” as the root for the image path. I’ll see what I can put together to do that…

I think having such a token would add a lot of flexibility :smile:

There would only ever be one image inside the “e2-junioren” folder. Usually I don’t have an image in there at all (the original image is inside the original folder). This was just a workaround that I thought would make sense, as that folder is the common starting point (rather than having to go up one level from /original)

I did not write it as a droplet. Even though that sounds intriguing :thinking:

There are usually a couple of folders for each year. The full structure is like this:


I thought I’d update this post real quick, with info on how you can do this today. Retrobatch 1.3 added a “Source Folder Path” token for the Write node, can be used to write an image back to the same folder it was read from. The the token “Source Folder” has been renamed to “Source Folder Name”.