Feature suggestion: Output metadata to text or csv file

I sometimes resize entire batches of images to optimise them for a CMS but then need to reinsert the modified image sizes, and sometimes also filenames or metadata into the database.

Up to now, I have to use a combination of sips on the command line and search and replace to manually fashion a CSV of filename.ext, width, height etc.

retrobatch already reads out / creates the relevant data because you can use it for the filename. Might it be possible to use that – or add the facility – to write out the chosen metadata to a single text file or CSV listing the output for all images? Perhaps also optionally on a per-image basis?

That’s a good idea, and since it’s been requested a couple of times, it’ll most likely happen.

I’ve also got a sample JavaScript node which will write it out as JSON if that helps you at all: