Feature request: Simple mode

I’m just getting started with the demo of Retrobatch. It looks like it might suit my needs really well: automating the preparation of photos for websites.

So far, my use case has only a linear progression of nodes, from opening the photos to saving the updated version. I feel it would be easier to add, remove, and re-order the nodes if it worked morel like Automator, with a one-dimensional list that items can be dragged to and from, and re-ordered by drag and drop. I’m spending time doing things not directly related to my goals: arranging the nodes so I have a large photo preview area, moving nodes around when I need to add a new one, and trying put connections back together, and in the correct direction, when they break.

The way I envision it, when creating a new workflow, you’d have the option of Simple or Advanced. Advanced would be what you have now. It might be possible to ‘upgrade’ a Simple workflow to Advanced if it became necessary.

Perhaps I’m just too new to this and I will soon see the necessity for more complicated workflow which require the two-dimensional node arrangement…

Also on a side note I’d love to see dark mode.


Thanks for the feedback!

That’s an interesting idea and has some real merits to it. We’ll consider it! (And I’ll see about getting a dark mode in at some point as well).


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The majority of my workflows are also simple lists. So I’d really like this feature.

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