Feature Request: More metadata fields in "Write Images"

I’d like to access more metadata fields when creating file names. A common set of fields that would be useful in my workflows is the IPTC Location block (Location, City, Country, Region, State…).

A general templating solution that would allow selecting IPTC/EXIF/PNG/TIFF/CIFF fields (that are available in the “Set Specific Metadata” node) when creating folder/file names would be amazing.

This is possible, there’s just no UI for it currently.

You can enter the following string to have it make a folder based on the IPTC City field: $assetMeta.{IPTC}.City$ - it should show up in the write node like the following:


I’ll see about adding a UI for it in a future release.

Awesome, thanks for the quick response, I must have missed it in the manual.