Feature Request - Metadata in Rules


Just started playing with Retrobatch (and bought a copy too as it looks like it’s going to be invaluable).

Got some feedback on features that I hope might be interesting -

  1. It would be really useful would be the ability to drive some rule matches on EXIF and IPTC data. Same popup options as the Set Metadata. This allows you to filter out images for additional noise processing, for example (i.e. is it a high ISO).

  2. Any chance of getting the standard Adobe ACR metadata as an option for both Set Metadata and this? This would allow automatic setting of some of the basic published ACR metadata based on the EXIF info. Again, very useful.

I’m really stoked to see this application - I’ve tried to build workflows like this this with Hazel and it’s just too clunky. Being able to drive node workflows is absolutely the right way to do this and I can see a lot of time-saving workflows. Really what we all hoped Automator would have become…



It’s on the todo list. I’m not sure if it’ll make 1.1, but I’ll see what I can do after that.

I’ll look into this. I’ve not done any research on ACR metadata, but in theory it should be reasonable to add…

Thanks for the ideas and the kind words!