Feature Request: Inner Borders

The feature I’m looking for is similar to the “Adjust Margins” node but would work slightly differently. I’m trying to create a border that doesn’t change the size of the image or crops it, instead obscuring some amount of the image.

Parameters that would be useful for this kind of border would be

  • Offset from the outer border of the image (distance from top/bottom/left/right)
  • Width of the border (like in the “Adjust Margins” node)

I would just use two nodes in sequence.

Crop followed by Margins.

Crop to what you want visible.
Margins to get back to original size.

That approach doesn’t work if you want to use borders with opacity, you loose part of the image when cropping.

Ah, you didn’t mention opacity in the OP.

You could still use the crop/margins approach, then afterwards overlay a copy of the original image at your chosen opacity.

I can’t think of a good way to do this if you’re wanting the border overlapping the image. It’s something I’ll look into though!

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Here’s an example of what I had in mind in creating through Retrobatch
Black outer border is scaled to 3% (5% at the bottom) of the long edge,
White line is -1% from the end of the first border.

There’s no opacity here?

So, see my earlier suggestion.

  • Crop
  • Margins from inner to outer
    1. Small black
    2. Keyline white
    3. Large black
  • Overlay for signature

So, something like half a dozen nodes total.

When I get back to my Mac I’ll put together a demo.

The opacity is more obvious in the lower left corner / bottom of the dark frame. With this image it’s pretty subtle.

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Ah yes! I see it.

I’ll put together a demo of the opacity way.

You could also make a JS plugin to do this: Retrobatch JavaScript API

see Retrobatch JavaScript Nodes for examples.

This was my proof of concept.

Some issues that might be able to be resolved through tweaking values.

Might be able to be combined into a single path? I never quite know how to do that.

Photo.retrobatch (12.8 KB)