Feature Request: Custom Aspect Ratio in Crop Node


I’m trying to crop panorama images before splitting them up in three equal squares. For this I need an aspect ratio of 3:1 in the crop node.

Thanks and regards,

Hello, and welcome!

This is a good idea, and I’ll see what I can do in a future release.

So, here’s something interesting to know- the aspect ratios are hard coded in the interface. But if you make a .retrobatch file with an aspect ratio crop in there, you can open up the .retrobatch file in a text editor (like BBEdit or some other code editing app), and change the value for the “inputCropBoundsAspectRatio” key. When I tried it, I change “2 x 3” to “1 x 3” and it worked as expected. You’ll have to get the spacing just right though! a 1 followed by a spaced followed by x and so on.

Hi Gus!

thanks a lot for the fast reply!
I didn’t thought about editing the xml manually. But it works great!

Nevertheless it would be great to have the opportunity for custom aspect ratios.

Thanks, and regards