Extract images from a grid on PDF pages

I’ve got a PDF with images that are already laid out in a grid (4 columns, two rows per page). I’d like to extract each image in the PDF to its own separate image file.

Is there a series of built-in action steps I can use to do this — way to recognize and loop through each individual image in the grid, saving each one?

There’s a node designed specifically to do this as part of the Pro license of Retrobatch - “PDF Image Extractor”. Have you tried that out yet?

I tried that with and without the page splitter. At best, I got one large image per page from the document. The large image had all 8 smaller images in it. It’s possible that was how that image was placed into the PDF. :person_shrugging:

Can you share the PDF with me so I can take a look? (You can email it to support@flyingmeat.com). Maybe there’s something specific about this PDF that I’m not accounting for.

(The page splitter isn’t necessary for this node, it’ll go through the whole PDF automatically).