Extra Unwanted Sizes Created in Multi Scale?

First time using the Retrobatch and I’ve used Multi Scale to create 6 sizes, 36x24, 30x24, 24x18, 33.1x23.4, 14x11, and 7x5 inch sizes of 10 originals each specified by pixel width and height and specified a name for each one. It did that, but it also created 10 additional files for each one "filename-128.jpg, filename-128x2.jpg, filename-256.jpg, filename-256x2.jpg, etc., ranging from 16x16 pixels to 1024x1024 each. I should have ended up with 60 files, but have ended up with 160. What have I missed?

Hello, and welcome!

I’m not sure why it’s creating extra files. Can you send the retrobatch workflow to support@flyingmeat.com so I can take a look at it?