Extend the Effect of Motion Blur

Hi there, is there a way to extend the effect of the motion blur?

That seems like I can affect the angle, and the the amount of blur, but not how long the blur is in my chosen direction.

I tried adding multiple motion blur filters to a single layer, but that did not increase the blur length.

Any way to achieve this would be much appreciated, thanks!

Hello, and welcome to the forums.

The radius setting will effect the amount it goes off the image a bit, but I guess not like you’re after.

Do you have an example you can point to which shows what you’re trying to do?

Thank you :slight_smile: I really like using Acorn and Retrobatch! Acorn 7 was an insta-buy for me.

Adjusting the radius can help but doesn’t fully solve it for me. Something like a setting to choose how many pixels, or simply some number that bigger meant more distance, covered would be ideal. That, or a way to get the same end result, longer blurs, using the current interface.

I hope the below somewhat illustrates the point

The radius setting for the Motion Blur in Acorn “determines how many pixels are used to create the blur. The larger the radius, the blurrier the result.” (stolen from Apple’s filter docs).

So, I think that’s what you’re after. It should do the same a what Photoshop does at any rate. In my testing just now, Acorn will get similar results using smaller radius values that PS. I also threw a Clamp filter before the Motion Blur, so that the edges wouldn’t be transparent, which matches what PS does.

That’s a fair point, I guess I was just hoping to arbitrarily control the length (say go past 100). After experimenting there, I was able to get the desired effect by flattening the filters on a layer and then re-applying them. Thanks for your time and suggestions!