Export one page of a multi-page PDF as JPEG?

Hi! I’m trying out Retrobatch, and it looks good so far, but I’m not sure whether I’m using it correctly.

I have a folder full of PDFs and would like to export the first page of each as a JPG with a filename based on the PDF. For instance,

hGWells_theWarOfTheWorlds.pdf => cover_hGWells_theWarOfTheWorlds.jpg
newWcmsUserManual.pdf => cover_newWcmsUserManual.jpg

etc. I have a simple web script that builds a list of links to PDFs in a directory, and it would be nice to add cover images to the list.

I tried using Retrobatch by simply creating two nodes: Read Folder and Write Images and that mostly seems to work. However, one of my sample PDFs ends up generating a JPG from the lower-left corner of page 2 rather than the entirety of page 1. I saw there’s a Layer & Page Splitter node, but I didn’t see any way to limit it to the first page. Have I overlooked something?


What you’re doing should work exactly like what you’re expecting. Is it only the single PDF that’s causing problems for you? And if so- can you email it to support@flyingmeat.com so we can take a look at it and figure out what/if Retrobatch is doing wrong? Hopefully we can get this fixed and then you’ll be able to use the nodes as is.

Thanks! I will try more PDFs and email later today.