Export all layers -> masking

I have an image with multiple layers, each layer has stars, satellite trails on a black(ish) background.

I want to export each layer to its own image, but with the black masked out. That is, each layer with an inverted mask. I’m not getting how the “apply mask” option works, if that’s appropriate.

Or, do I have to run through all 50+ layers, apply a mask then invert the mask?

Thanks for suggestions.

Rob (Acorn Version 7.4.4b1 (16421))

The “Apply mask” option makes sure that any layer mask that is associated with an individual layer is applied on export. So, unless your layers already have a layer mask associated with them, the option isn’t going to do anything.

If I’m understanding you correctly, then what you want to do isn’t going to be easy. You’d have to add a mask on every layer.

But, maybe if you explain a bit more what you’re after I can come up with a solution. Are you wanting a little masked logo on every layer? Is this something Retrobatch could do for you?


righto, that makes sense.

if I apply a mask to one layer, invert the mask, can I copy that layer mask and paste onto other layers?

The desired outcome is to end up with a bunch of files that can be processed separately (e.g. might add these as layers to a different animated gif if the images align) but really want just separate files processed in the same way. I did think that this is a job for Retrobatch, but I don’t know if mask to alpha is what I want.



ah…Retrobatch almost does it…but it removes any colour in the image, which I think is a function of the mask option.

That will work for now :grin:

Gee I love these two programs!


(the satellite trails don’t have colour, but the fireworks do, which I was also playing with)

I’m glad you got something figured out!

It might still be possible to do what you’re after if you want to try and chase that idea down. If not, no worries (I’d have to see what your image looks like, and then what you want it to look like in the end).

I don’t know if it is out of the scope of what Acorn is aiming for. I did a bit of research and it turns out that inverting layers (including masks) is a bit specialised, though it is quite powerful with masks.

Am I correct in that while a mask can apply to a layer in Acorn, it’s not actually its own editible layer unless you eject it? and if you eject it, can that ejected layer be reapplied back to the layer?

You can edit the mask if you select it first in the layers list. (You’ll see a little bar at the bottom letting you know it’s selected).

You can also option-click the mask to have it show up on the canvas as a black and white image as well.

Try that out and let me know how it works for you.