Enhancement: XMP group support for "Remove Specific Metadata" Node

Remove specific metadata currently does not support removing fields in the XMP group.
I’m trying to strip some data from files coming from Lightroom, removing for example thing like the Camera and Lens serial numbers. This works great for the fields in the Exif group but I have no control over the XMP group

This is the output that exiftool -g shows for a test file:

---- XMP ----
XMP Toolkit : XMP Core 6.0.0
Serial Number : 102030405060
Lens Serial Number : 00000abcde

Can you send a sample image to support@flyingmeat.com with the tags in it? I’ll see if I can figure out what RB is missing with that.

(I can make one myself, but I always like to test with real world images as well).



OK, I’ve just added a new group to the Remove Metadata Node named “ExifAux”. (This is Apple’s naming, not mine). You can grab it from the latest builds page: Latest Builds from Flying Meat

I don’t have any native APIs from Apple to touch the XMP values, but these new keys seem to be able to clear them out. You’ll have to remove the serial numbers in both the Exif and ExifAux categories, because if one of them sticks around it seems to get autofilled in by the system APIs.

Side note: At some point, I’m going to have to write a more specific tool for handling image metadata, as the system APIs aren’t really up to the task (or as fine grained) as I’d like them to be. Maybe in 2.0 or something.

Hey Gus,

just tried out the latest release and it works great, the serial information for lenses and camera bodies gets removed just fine.

Thanks for the quick fix!