Editing from Photos

The issue of Acorn getting a tiny photo to edit seems to have been solved.
But, a new one for me, probably due to new machine.
When I try to do an edit in Acorn from Photos, and using the three dot thing, the photo is displayed as it should. BUT, no editing commands, sidebars, just the photo! The top menu shows Acorn, but all possibilities are greyed out, only command that works is the “cancel” button.

I tried different formats, RAW, NEF, DNG, JPEG, ARW, same result every time.

Running MacMini M1, Monterey, which might be the issue??

Make that random, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Using variety of photo types doesn’t seem to make a difference. No clue.

Two questions - if you do a search for Acorn in Console.app (located in the utilities folder), does anything show up that looks relevant? (Maybe an “Exception” was thrown or something along the lines of that).

Second - what do you mean by the “three dot thing”? :slight_smile: