Droplet version

Hey Gus, is the ability to save Droplet versions of workflow files on the map at all? Even if they just opened Retrobatch to run with dropped items, it would be pretty awesome to be able to add them to Dropzone or Alfred/LaunchBar and process a batch.

Side ask, Automator actions? “Run Retrobatch Workflow” would be really useful as part of a larger Workflow.

Both are very high up on the priority list. They won’t make 1.0, but I’ll see what can be done after that.

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The droplet idea would be great for making things dead easy for clients or for saving settings for particular sites.

FWIW, the 1.1 beta has support for Automator, and you can now make a droplet from there. You can try out the 1.1 beta from here:

I’m trying to use the Automator action, but when I drag it into a workflow nothing happens. Other actions add fine, am I missing something?

You’re adding the Execute Workflow automator action first, and then from there selecting the Retrobatch workflow?

Here’s a little screenshot of a test droplet I made:

One other thing- someone found a bug just yesterday, where some of the Retrobatch nodes weren’t being used when a workflow was run from Automator or AppleScript. So if that’ what you’re seeing, you should grab the latest build for that fix: http://flyingmeat.com/download/latest/#retrobatch (though, it sounds like you’re unable to get the droplet to work at all, so it’s probably something else)

I’m completely unable to add the Execute Workflow action. I drag it into the workflow area, get the “plus” cursor and when I drop, it does nothing. Not sure where the problem lies…

Does anything print out from Console.app when you drop the Execute Workflow action?

Huh, looks like Automator can’t load the action for some reason. What OS are you running? And is Retrobatch in a normal Applications folder?

As an alternative- I just added droplet support to the latest 1.2 beta. You can grab it on the latest builds page, and use the File ▸ Save as Dropplet… menu item (the next build it’ll remove a ‘p’, I realize it’s currently misspelled).