Drag a text block

Unfortunately, I’m so used to another mainstream pain program that I’m unable to operate intuitively in Acorn. I’m using 7.2 on my MacBook Pro. I wanted to make a red “x” over part of a photo to indicate that that part of an image should be ignored in some instructions I’m making. I created a text item and increased the text to the size I wanted, then discovered that for some reason I couldn’t drag the text block to a different location over the image. It’s the top layer, but no combination of keys I could find let me move it. It hasn’t been rasterized, and the outline shows that it’s smaller than the entire image. Do I have to release it from being inline as I might in a word processor? I’m stumped. I’m hoping getting these kinds of answers will help me be more intuitive in Acorn, but I’m worried that too much unlearning will be needed. Help, please.

This has a buggy feel about it. On subsequent attempts to repeat the entire procedure, the text block never moves on the first drag with ⌘ held down, but does on subsequent attempts to drag with ⌘ down. The first time I tried it (the time I asked for help), I could never drag the text. Maybe I’ll submit a bug report, but I’m not sure there’s much to be gained. Thanks anyway.

If you’re actively editing the text (ie - there’s a selection or a cursor in the text block) then you can’t reposition the frame of the text block. What you’ll need to do is end editing (by pressing the esc key or clicking outside the text box) and then use the move tool (shortcut key ‘v’) to reposition your text.

If you try that, does it work?

Also, the command key isn’t needed for this operation.

Yes, ⎋ then v works, but holding ⌘ works too, if you don’t want to change tools. But ⌘ also requires the second try. It might actually be a bug, then, if it isn’t supposed to work that way. Thanks.