Don't want Inspector window open upon launch

I’m using 6.6.1. The Inpsector window is automatically open upon launch. Is there a way to change this? I have to close the window each time. I’d rather open it only if I need to see it. Thanks!

There isn’t any way to have it stay closed on open, sorry. Are you using Acorn as an image viewer? It’s hard to get anything done in it without the inspector window.

I do a lot of cropping and scaling and the inspector window is in the way. I would like to open it only when I need it. Maybe I’m wrong, but in the the last version I could swear it only opened at launch if it was open when you last quit the program. A nice alternative would be having a shortcut where you can open/close the window with a keystroke. Not a deal-breaker…still very happy with the software.

You can use the tab key to toggle the palettes when you have an image open.

Excellent…thank you!!!