Distributing Vertically Not Quite Working Correctly

First time caller…

I created a document and wanted to have 17 horizontal lines evenly spaced from top to bottom.I created a line, duplicated it, nudged it down and then dupilicated that line, nudged it down and so on…

No problem so far.

I then wanted to distribute them evenly, so I put the first line at the top of the document and the last line at the bottom. Going to Layer → Rotate and Transform → Align, I chose “Vertical Distribute Center.” The lines moved and were appropriately spaced…almost.

The space between the top line and the second line is larger than all the rest…by a LOT. Super obvious.

Being a new user to Acorn, I figured I’d done something wrong and repeated the process and even rearranged the layers. Making extra certain I didn’t inadvertently include some other element, I tried to distribute the lines evenly again. Again the space between the top line and the second line is greater than the spacing between all the rest.

Am I doing something wrong? Or have I discovered a bug in the process? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Hello, and welcome!

I can’t seem to reproduce this on my end - can you send a sample image before the align option is called to support@flyingmeat.com ? Hopefully if I can see it happening, I can get it to reproduce.

One other question - are you using shapes on a single layer, or a bunch of bitmap layers?