Deleting images from Retrobatch workspace

Hi. New to Retrobatch. I have made a simple, and useful 3 step process. I can add images and get them properly processed and placed in a folder.

I have not been able to find an easy way to now remove those images to allow for the addition of the next batch. I am sure it is simple, but no luck as yet. Currently, I have to quit retrobatch and then reload and “Open and existing workflow…” Help?

Hello and welcome,

I’m sure we can get this figured out, but I need a little clarification on what you’re after. When you say you want to “remove those images”, do you mean the source images that have yet to be processed, or the images that Retrobatch produces? What’s the end goal?


After a quick support email, it turns out that the “Prompt for Files” node was a better fit for this workflow rather than the “Read Individual Files”, since it was a different image every run.